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USA Remedies for Children when Non-Resident Parents Abandon them after Separation or Divorce
Article by Marjory D Fields. Children have a right to contact with both parents after parental separation. It is, therefore, the equal responsibility of both parents to comply with court orders and parental agreements for contact.
International Family Law, June 2007

Lawyer Skills Training for DV Representation: Tips from a Retired Judge
Article by Marjory D Fields originally published in Domestic Violence Report (USA) and re-printed here with express permission. Contains useful hyperlinks to cited authorities for easy access.

Domestic Violence Report Oct/Nov 2006

Foreign Divorce: Risks and Rewards for Americans Abroad
Article by Marjory D Fields and David Truex analysing the Court of Appeal decision in Miller v Miller [2005] EWCA Civ 984; [2006] 1 FLR 151 from the perspective of New York law. Conclusion: similar result but for different reasons. And on 24 May 2006 the House of Lords agreed with us! See Miller; McFarlane [2006] UKHL 24.
This Article is a revised and updated version of the paper presented by Marjory and David at the New York State Bar Association Conference in London, October 2005.
International Family Law, March 2006

The Wind of Change: Settling Out of Court
Article by Lorna Samuels.
Nexus Expat News, April 2005

Royal and International complications: Jurisdiction for marriage
Article by Lorna Samuels.
Nexus Expat News, April 2005

International Family Law: Tips for Avoiding Pitfalls
Article by David Truex explains some of the difficult questions which arise in international cases, and gives a few answers as well.
SFLA Review, May and July 2004

Finding a Foreign Family Law Specialist: Accreditation outside England and Wales
How do you find a specialist family lawyer in a foreign jurisdiction?
SFLA Accreditation News 20 October 2003

International Service of Documents in Family Proceedings
This is Chapter 4 of International Aspects of Family Law (2nd Edition, Spring 2004) published by the SFLA. The Chapter is a revised and updated version of part of the paper on the same subject given by David Truex at the SFLA National Conference in March 2003

Bankruptcy In Family Proceedings: A Powerful Weapon?
Article by David Truex and Kerstin Beyer examines bankruptcy as a means of enforcing matrimonial financial orders.
Family Law Journal, July/August 2002

To Thine Own Self Be True
Article by David Truex reviews the Enneagram personality type analysis system.
SFLA Review, May 2002

Scottish Family Law Conference February 2002
Article by David Truex reporting on this international meeting
Family Law, April 2002

Quo Vadis? - Marriage á la mode abroad
Article by David Truex and Stephanie Wells reviews the legal implications of getting married in a "foreign" country.
Family Law Journal, April 2002

The Public Right To Know - A Person Comment
Article by David Truex supports more openness in reporting family proceedings, following the decisions of Mr Justice Munby and the Court of Appeal in the matter of Clibbery v Allan [2002] 1 FLR 565.
SFLA Review, March 2002

Brussels II - Beware!
Article by David Truex summarising his Irish Family Law Conference paper (see Conference Papers).
Family Law, March 2001

Brussels II - It’s Here
Article by David Truex explaining the new European Union divorce jurisdiction Regulation 1347/2000.
International Family Law, April 2001

International Matrimonial Property Litigation: Tips for UK and Australian Family Lawyers
Article by David Truex summarising the paper he delivered at the Australian Family Law Conference in Sydney, July 2000 (see Conference Papers).
International Family Law, December 2000

Ancient History: Oldies but Goodies

Child Support Scheme: problems in Australia
Article by David Truex (pdf format)
Solicitors Journal, May 1991

Practical Common Problems in International Family Law
Article by David Truex (pdf format)
Australian Family Lawyer, Feb 1986

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