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New York State Bar Association Conference (London) October 2005
Foreign Divorce: Risks and Rewards for Americans Abroad
Paper by Marjory D Fields and David Truex outlining some of the issues to be considered when Americans become involved in European divorces, with particular reference to England and Wales. Includes a unique analysis of the recent English Court of Appeal decision in Miller v Miller [2005] EWCA Civ 984 from a New York perspective suggesting that, contrary to what some English commentators are whispering, the £5 million awarded to Mrs Miller was not unduly generous. And on 24 May 2006 the House of Lords agreed with us! See Miller; McFarlane [2006] UKHL 24.

A revised and updated version of this paper has been published in International Family Law March [2006] IFL 8.

National Crime Victim Bar Association Annual Conference (USA) June 2005
Overcoming Bias Against Women Witnesses
Paper by Marjory D Fields for a conference workshop discussing ways to counter bias against women witnesses testifying in court proceedings. Powerfully argued and substantiated with a wealth of cited authorities.

CLT Conference (London) December 2004
Matrimonial Financial Applications in England and Wales after Foreign Divorce
Paper by David Truex explaining how to use Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 Part III for financial applications after a divorce has taken place outside England and Wales. Includes bibliography. This is a revised version of Chapter 6 of International Aspects of Family Law (Second Edition, Spring 2004) published by the SFLA.

11th Australian Family Law Conference (Gold Coast) September 2004
The Ten Commandments of international family law practice explained.

SFLA Regional Seminar (Manchester) October 2003
International Family Law Practice: Some Tips for Avoiding the Pitfalls
Paper by David Truex giving practical guidance on some of the common problems encountered by family lawyers in international cases. Includes bibliography and useful websites.

Italian AIAF Family Law Conference (Lucca) June 2003
Legal representation of children in Australia and England
Paper by David Truex presented to the Associazone Italiana degli Avvocati per la Fagmilia e per i minori, describing how children in family law proceedings are provided with legal representation in these two jurisdictions.

SFLA National Conference (Southampton) March 2003
International service under the Brussels Service Regulation 1348/2000.
Paper by David Truex explaining the importance of, and procedures for, effecting service of divorce papers under this new European law.
Note: see revised and updated version of part of this paper under Publications - International Service of Documents in Family Proceedings (published by the SFLA in International Aspects of Family Law (2nd Edition, Spring 2004).

German-British Judicial Conference (Trier) September 2002
Brussels II and IIA: The Experience of the SFLA of England and Wales.
Paper by David Truex explaining the new European divorce jurisdiction laws for judges from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Sweden.

10th Australian Family Law Conference (Melbourne) March 2002
Why just "Parental Responsibility"? Why not "Family Responsibility"?
Paper by David Truex suggesting that the law should recognise a wider range of responsibilities for children.

10th Irish Family Law Conference (Dublin) January 2001
Brussels II - Beware!
Paper by David Truex warning of the effects of the Brussels II Regulation 1347/2000 on divorce proceedings in the European Union. This was the first lawyers’ conference presentation in Europe on this revolutionary new law.
A revised version of this paper was published in March 2001 Family Law.

9th Australian Family Law Conference (Sydney) July 2000
International Matrimonial Property Litigation: Tips for UK and Australian Family Lawyers
Paper by David Truex on the logistics of international litigation, with advice on how to avoid pitfalls and stay ahead of the opposition. A revised version of this paper was published in December 2000 in International Family Law

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