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International Family Law links clients with the right lawyer, uniquely matching the client’s particular circumstances with personal referral to the best expert lawyer for the case. This saves clients time and money. Our referral service is free to clients.

Our personal contacts with the best family law specialists around the world give us unparalleled access to expert advice from almost any country.

Divorce, separation and other family law problems need to be resolved sensibly and effectively. Financial, legal and emotional issues must be identified and managed if effective resolution is to be achieved. When international factors complicate matters expert guidance is essential from the outset. If divorce or other legal proceedings are started in the wrong country the whole family may suffer.

Our network of experts specialise in divorce; child custody, access and abduction; financial claims including property, maintenance and enforcement action; injunctions to protect against violence and asset stripping. For couples who agree they offer pre-nuptial agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. Some are especially experienced in international forum disputes and multi-jurisdiction litigation.

Our website provides a brief introduction to our services. If you are an individual requiring further legal information or advice please use our Enquiry Form. You can send online, or print then send us the completed Enquiry Form by fax or post. Or just give us a call.

If you are a Professional Client please read our Professional Clients page and register so we can send you our Professional Client Terms of Business.

Our offices are opposite the Royal Courts of Justice.

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