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Much of IFLC's work is done on behalf of Professional Clients, in the United Kingdom and other countries, who work in family justice, including lawyers, counsellors, therapists, government departments, voluntary agencies and training organisations. Registering as an IFLC Professional Client means immediate access to expert advice by telephone, correspondence, or in conference at our office opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand. Registration avoids delays caused by having to agree Terms of Business, confirming client identity checks and providing funds in advance on account of costs. Our Professional Clients receive a 20% discount on standard fees. In straightforward cases we may be able to answer questions quickly in a brief telephone discussion or letter. In complex cases we can provide written expert Opinions on foreign and international law including expert witness affadavits for court proceedings in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. We are developing a range of additional benefits for our Professional Clients, including access to our research and expert contacts databases. Our fully served Conference Room, overlooking the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, can be booked at preferential rates.

To register as an IFLC Professional Client please complete the Professional Client registration form and we will send you our Professional Client Terms of Business.
218 Strand, London WC2R 1AP, England
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