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Australian Commonwealth Government. Information about departments of the Australian government. Includes information about immigration, welfare benefits and law.
Australian Institute for Family Studies. Australian cases and legislation.
Child Support Agency. Information about the child support scheme, including how it works, forms and what to do if you disagree with a child support calculation.
Family Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates Court of Australia portal.
Family Law Section - Law Council of Australia. Provides and overview of family law in Australia and lists of family practitioners.
Information about the Federal Magistrates' Service, an alternative to the Family Court of Australia in many cases. Explains jurisdiction and how cases are conducted, and has links to listings services.
FindLaw Australia. Free Australian legal information for legal professionals and general public. Provides summaries on developments, links to cases and information about specific areas of law.
Southern Cross Group. An Australian avocacy organisation which speaks on behalf of some 820,000 Australians who live overseas. Lobbied successfully for dual citizenship rights legislation in 2002.
Expatriate Connect. An Australian network connecting Australians abroad with the Australian business community: a bridge for recognising and sharing international expertise.

AUSTRALIA (States and territories)
Family Court of Western Australia

New Zealand Government Site. Information about New Zealand Government services and departments. New Zealand Law Society Body governing practice of all lawyers (barristers and solicitors) in New Zealand.
New Zealand Law Society. Body governing practice of all lawyers (barristers and solicitors) in New Zealand.
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